Idaho Republican Shouts ‘Abortion Is Murder!’ At Students Who Support Birth Control

Republican state Senator Dan Foreman of Idaho told a group of University of Idaho students, whom he was scheduled to meet with, that “Abortion is murder!” and threatened call the Idaho State Police (ISP) if they came near his office.

The students traveled almost 300 miles to the state capitol in Boise, Idaho, to speak to lawmakers about a bill “that would allow women to receive up to a 12-month supply of prescribed birth control and promote better sex education on college campuses,” notes The Associated Press.

Foreman canceled the meeting, so the students left a note and condoms in his office. The students went to their meetings with other lawmakers.

Forman threw his fit later in the day when he saw the students in a hallway:

Abortion is murder! I stand against it!  I’m a Roman Catholic and I’m a conservative Republican!

I think what you guys do stinks… You’re damn right it’s my choice so stay out of my office… Next time you walk in my office you’re gonna be dealing with ISP.

The students were not at the state capital to talk about abortion.

Republican state Sen. Bob Nonini reportedly a waved a rosary while talking to the students about abstinence. It’s not clear what magical powers the rosary was supposed to have, but it apparently did not work.


After Foreman threw his childish fit, his Twitter account encouraged the students to ask a Democratic state Sen. Maryanne Jordan about “killing babies.”

Jordan filed an ethics complaint against Foreman, and responded to the tweet:

It’s one thing to disagree with policy, it’s another thing to position something like that against another lawmaker. This type of behavior is beneath the Idaho Senate.

(Sources: Emily Carter/FacebookThe Associated Press)

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