ICE Guards Separate Immigrant Fathers & Sons After They Are Reunited

Armed ICE guards forcibly removed 16 fathers from the Karnes County detention center in Texas, where they were being held with their sons after being reunited.

The fathers and sons were reportedly reseparated as retaliation for organizing a nonviolent protest.

Many imprisoned fathers said they were tricked into signing deportation agreements in English, which they were told were reunification papers.

Casey Miller, legal assistant for RAICES, described the incidents to Democracy Now:

So, from reports from the father, we have heard that 60 to a hundred ICE agents, who were armed, stormed the building with riot gear, and these men were forcibly taken from their rooms and not told where they were going.

And then they were taken to another detention center, which was—told to me by a few men, was the worst of any of the detention centers they’ve been to, in Pearsall, Texas, not told the whereabouts of their sons, and their sons were actually not told the whereabouts of their fathers. So, ICE is just keeping them in the dark and continually torturing them psychologically.

(Source: Democracy Now)

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