ICE Agents Refuse To Show Warrant While Breaking Into Home, ICE Agent Says Homeowner Watches Too Much TV

Brianna Alonso says Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents refused to show her a warrant when they broke into her home in National City, California, on May 8.

Brianna told KGVT that says her husband, Alberto Alonso-Hernandez, was going to work when he saw ICE agents and ran back in the house.

Brianna said ICE agents never showed a warrant before breaking down their front door. One ICE agent can be heard on a video telling Brianna that she watches too many TV shows.

Brianna added that ICE agents finally presented a warrant after Alberto was taken into custody.

An ICE spokesperson claims that Alonso-Hernandez is wanted for illegally re-entering the country 16 times since 2013 and for a domestic violence conviction in 2014.

Brianna said Alberto was deported twice before being arrested, and that he was brought to the U.S> when he was `13 by his parents, which may make him a DREAMer.

A criminal attorney told KGTV that law enforcement is allowed to use a  “no-knock” rule, and not show a criminal arrest warrant first if they have probable cause.

(Source: KGTV)

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