HUD Residents Live In Squalor Under Ben Carson’s Leadership, 1000+ Properties Have Failing Grades

About 40,000 families living in Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) properties are exposed to horrible conditions.

NBC News notes “under housing secretary Ben Carson, HUD has shed more than 480 staff out of 8,000.”

HUD inspectors were secretly recorded by a tenant complaining how “the system is broken.” 

Housing activists said that HUD “does not have a firm grip on what’s happening on the ground.”

According to NBC News,  the owner of a public housing project in Hartford Connecticut has received “nearly a million and a half dollars” over the past two years, but residents live with mold, rodent and vermin infestations, and unrepaired ceiling collapses.

More than 1,000 public housing properties across the country receiving failing grades.

Carson, who often claims persecution by the media, refused to comment.

In February, Carson supported President Donald Trump’s proposed $8.8 billion cut to HUD, noted Newsweek.

In April, Carson proposed tripling rents for poor residents, reported the Washington Post.

The Economist stated in November 2017 how HUD was heading down the toilet:

Local public-housing agencies, which actually administer the federal programs with HUD funds, privately complain of uncertainty. Dr Carson’s most significant policy decision to date has been a two-year delay of the “small-area fair market rents” (SAFMR) rule, finalized by the Obama administration, which aimed to help voucher-holders move to better neighborhoods.

(Sources: NBC News via YouTube, Newsweek, The Washington Post, The Economist)

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