How Ticketmaster Helps Ticket Scalpers Rip Off People With Special Software: Report

A new undercover video filmed by The Toronto Star and CBC News shows Ticketmaster employees selling special software to help ticket scalpers rip off Americans.

Ticketmaster claims publicly to oppose tickets scalpers, but behind closed doors at the three-day Ticket Summit 2018 convention in July in Las Vegas, Ticketmaster set up a booth to sell a web-based tool called Trade Desk, notes The Toronto Star.

Trade Desk reportedly helps ticket scalpers to sync their accounts with their online resale operations, which post tickets on reselling websites including StubHub, Vivid Seats and

Ticketmaster profits twice if the same ticket is originally bought on and is then resold as a “verified resale” ticket

A Ticketmaster sales executive told The Toronto Star and CBC News how Ticketmaster turns a blind eye to scalpers:

I have brokers that have literally a couple of hundred Ticketmaster accounts. We don’t spend any time looking at your account. I don’t care what you buy.

It doesn’t matter to me. There’s total separation between Ticketmaster and our division. It’s church and state … We don’t monitor that at all.

No. We don’t share reports. We don’t share names. We don’t share account information with the primary side, period.

In response to the damning video, Catherine Martin, a spokesperson for Ticketmaster, ignored how Ticketmaster is helping scalpers cheat Americans in a statement to The Toronto Star and CBC News:

In addition to our work fighting the use of automated bots, we have also taken the most restrictive stance on speculative ticketing, not allowing any seller, professional or otherwise, to post tickets we have not validated to our TM+ pages.

Tickets bought on are “validated” and resold by scalpers on with the help of the Ticketmaster’s software Trade Desk.

(Source: The Toronto Star)

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