How Bombs Built By US Defense Contractor Raytheon Killed 31 Civilians in Yemen: Report

Bombs built by U.S. defense contractor Raytheon reportedly killed 31 civilians in Yemen as part of Saudi Arabia’s war against the tiny country on Sept. 10, 2016, reports New York Times Magazine.

Journalist Jeffrey Stern, who write the article in partnership with the Pulitzer Center, told Democracy Now how the bombing occurred:

Well, so, the U.S. military is not doing the bombing. The U.S. military has stopped refueling. For a while they were doing aerial refueling for the Saudi military, for the Saudi-backed coalition, which is important because that allows for something called dynamic targeting, which is when the planes go up and they look for things to hit, essentially. They don’t have to necessarily depend on intelligence and plan strikes in advance. So, when you’re able to loiter, you can look for things to hit. And at the time, the U.S. was providing the refueling, which we have since stopped.
The explanation that the Saudi-backed coalition—they have something called a joint incident—a JIAT, which ostensibly investigates some of these strikes and recommends action. They eventually investigated this, came out with a very brief statement that said, in essence, that the water digger looked like it could be a ballistic missile launcher. The explanation, you know, kind of strange credulity—they just—they don’t look that much alike, a water drill and a ballistic missile launcher. There are also—if you hit a ballistic missile launcher, there would be secondary explosions. There’s fuel. And the planes came back and chased people down for several hours.

(Sources: Democracy Now, The New York Times Magazine, Photo Credit: Raytheon/Twitter)

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