Houston Woman Calls CNN For Help After 911 Puts Her On ‘Waiting List’

Leidys Shull, a woman who is trapped on the second floor of her home with 11 friends and family in Houston because of Hurricane Harvey flooding, called 911 and was placed on a ‘waiting list.” 

Shull told CNN over the phone that she and her family are running out of food and water:

I called 911 and they sent me to the fire department and it was a long time and they told me that I had to be on the waiting list and to wait, since yesterday. Today, it’s about one o’clock and nobody has come yet…

Our goal is to try and get out of here today. Because now it is very cold, the water is cold. It’s so deep that we cannot swim. You know, we could lose our life trying to get out of this area…

We’re worried for our lives. All the neighborhood is trapped inside their houses.

The CNN anchor told Shull and others in the same predicament to call 911. The anchor wished Shull luck, but Shull stayed on the air to give out her address in case someone could help her and her family: 21931 Westfields Ridge Drive in Houston.

(Source: CNN via Daily Motion)

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