Houston Mom Loses Tax Refund Under Trump’s Tax Plan, Owes Thousands

Victoria Pearl-Wright, a new mom in Houston, told MSNBC that she and her husband have lost their tax refunds and owe “thousands,” thanks to the tax law passed by President Donald Trump and the Republican Party:

Typically I enjoy tax season because it’s easy for me to do and we typically get a refund. I get it done as soon as possible.

Pearl-Wright, who has a three week-old child, was expecting a refund of $5,000 to “cover the cost of her unpaid maternity leave”:

I called my husband immediately, crying. I was in a large amount of stress at that point. That’s almost traumatizing.

Pearl-Wright’s said her family earns less than $50,000 per year, but lost their Earned Income Tax Credit and work-related expenses:

We were banking on the refund. We live paycheck to paycheck and we can’t in a sense save right now.

(Source: MSNBC)

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