Houston Deputy Tells Senior To ‘Slap Me’ And Then Beats & Arrests Him For Doing It

A Harris County Sheriff’s deputy told a 61-year-old man to slap him, but when the senior did, the deputy physically assaulted and arrested him outside an IHOP on Sept. 30, 2018 in Houston, Texas.

Police said they were responding to a disturbance call when they approached the elderly man, notes KTRK.

The deputy was caught on another deputy’s body camera telling the senior to assault him:

Get it off your chest. Slap the sh*r out of me and get it off your chest. I’m giving you permission to slap the sh*t out of me and get it off your chest and see what happens.

The senior gently complied with a light slap, and the deputy assaulted him:

Get up. That was stupid. That was f*cking stupid.

The charges were dropped against the older man, but the deputy has been on active duty ever since and has faced no disciplinary action at all.

(Source: KTRK)

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