House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy Defends Trump Calling NBC News’ Chuck Todd A ‘Son Of A Bitch’ Because Of North Korea Missiles

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy defended President Donald Trump’s calling NBC News host Chuck Todd a “son of a bitch” because Trump opposes a nuclear North Korea.

McCarthy shared his bizarre logic during an interview on CNBC when host Andrew Ross Sorkin asked McCarthy if Trump’s unprovoked and vulgar attack on Todd was acceptable.

McCarthy replied: “Is president Trump than the candidate that he ran [as]?” 

Sorkin refused to let McCarthy dodge the topic: “That’s not the question.”

McCarthy ignored the original question, and continued off-topic anyway;

So if you’re questioning did his character change, no, the American public knew this going in. Does that mean somebody has to agree with somebody 100 percent of the time? No. We’re separate but co-equal.

McCarthy then went on a bizarre rant about North Korea, which had nothing to do with Todd being called a “son of a bitch”:

This man is no different from what he ran as and that’s what the American people voted for. You’re going to pick that part off but are you going to spend any time when you criticized him for dealing with North Korea differently? And what’s the outcome? How many lives is that going to save?

McCarthy said his dear precious children should not hear Trump calling anyone a “son of a bitch,” but then went back to North Korea, which, again, had nothing to do with Trump name calling Todd:

But I definitely don’t want my children to see any missiles coming from North Korea. And I’m going to give him a lot of credit for that. And maybe his personality was a little different, but I’ve watched those personalities in the past that said all the right things and North Korea is still developing a weapon.

(Source: CNBC via YouTube)

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