House Judiciary Committee Votes To Subpoena Mueller Report, Republicans Oppose With Ridiculous Excuses

The House Judiciary Committee voted to approve a subpoena for the unredacted Mueller Report and all of its underlying evidence (more video below).

Chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler said the full report should be released because “because it is our job, not the attorney general’s, to determine whether or not President Trump has abused his office … We must make it harder for future presidents to behave in this way.”

Republicans voted against the release of the taxpayer funded report with some bizarre excuses.

Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio suggested the Muller Report had already been made public in a bizarre rant:

I would just ask a fundamental question, why are we here? It seems to me the reason we’re here is that the Mueller report wasn’t what Democrats thought it was going to be.

Republican Rep. Doug Collins of Georgia offered an absurd objection using a water bottle:

I’m glad we’re using props today, because this is what’s happening her. The Chairman wants you to look at one thing, when the reality is another thing. He’s wanting you to look at this bottle of water and say this is full, and then he’s wanting you to look at this bottle of water and say it’s full too.

It doesn’t work! You can’t say the Starr report, or even going back to impeachment, which we’ll get to in a minute, and then come along and say Mueller is full too! Is this the same? They’re not the same.

(Sources: ABC News via Twitter, C-SPAN3 via YouTube, C-SPAN3 via Twitter)

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