Homeless High School Student Banned From Playing Football In Front Of College Recruiters Over ‘Residency’ Concerns

Eighteen-year-old Jamal Speaks was not allowed to play for Ballou High School in a football team’s game against Anacostia in Washington D.C. on Sept. 15.

Ballou principal Willie Jackson reportedly threatened to fire the coach if Speaks played.

The rest of the team appealed to Jackson for 45 minutes, but Speaks was ruled out.

Speaks previously played for the Ballou varsity team and as a freshman and sophomore, but was kicked off the team over residency. 

Speaks is now homeless in Washington D.C. where he is sleeping on friends’ couches.

Speaks told WJLA that Temple University offered him a scholarship, if he keeps his grades up.

Temple coaches were coming to see Speaks play on Sept. 15, but Speaks said Jackson denied him the opportunity:

I’m being told I can’t play by the principal. I don’t know why he telling me I can’t play.

Jackson refused to comment.

(Source: WJLA)

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