High School Threatens To Kick Black Teen Off Football Team Over His Braids

The Greenwood Independent School District in Texas does not allow male students to have braids in their hair, which may cost one player his place on the high school football team.

D’Aune Williams shared the new grooming code from the student handbook on Facebook, and said her African-America grandson was being singled out, notes KPEJ:

Everyone had until Monday to get into code, however trey was told that if he did not remove his braids by tomorrow morning he would not be able to play in the football game on Friday.

Its embarrassing that Greenwood cant catch up with the times. This is not a good ol’ country boy cotton community anymore. What does your hair have to do with how you do your job or responsibilities? Nothing. Your hair does not make you who you are, all your hair is, is an expression of your personality.

Nolan Kirby, a sophomore at the school, concurred:

The new change is the most blatantly racist thing I think our school has ever done. I think its just utter garbage.

Title 6 under the civil rights act, I believe clause 601 is what it is. That a system that receives government cannot discriminate on the basis of race, color or nationality and that’s what this is, just discrimination.

It’s a culture thing, its African American culture so as far as it not being professional that’s just thinly veiled racism.

The school rule also bans hair higher than two inches on males, which puts Nolan in violation, but he says he’s gotten away with it because he is white:

When I wake up its naturally floofy and its up here– they wouldn’t say anything. In fact the last few months I have been walking around with it like this and they haven’t said anything because I’m white.

The school board now says the new code will be voted on Monday night during the school board meeting.

(Source: KPEJ)

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