Hero Parkland Teacher Says Shooter Looked Like Cop In Body Armor

Stacey Lippel, a language arts teacher at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, recalled the Feb. 14 mass shooting on “Good Morning, America” on Feb. 20.

Lippel said she heard a “popping sound” and fire alarm outside her classroom. She opened her classroom door and kids fled to her room for safety.

That’s when Lippel saw the gunman, Nikolas Cruz, about 20 feet in front of her in the hallway.

Lippel said Cruz was wearing”full metal garb,” including a helmet, face mask and bulletproof armor:

I’m staring at him thinking, “Why is the police here? This is strange.” And I’m just looking at him, but I’m still getting the kids, knowing this is an emergency…

I don’t know how many kids were in there, but I just started pulling them in and shouting at them to get in the room.

Lippel got nicked by a bullet as she closed her classroom door:

The door was open, and I was pulling it closed with both hands, knowing I really needed to get it shut tight, cause it doesn’t close [easily]. You have to get it in the right position.

She urged another teacher, Scott Beigel, to close his classroom door “but he didn’t close his door in time,” and was killed.

Lippel said Cruz fired “four of five” more shots into her room:

When I think about my two beloved students who were killed from that class, it’s hard to live with ’cause I love them so much.

(Source: Good Morning America/Facebook)

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