Helicopter Spirals Out Of Control, Crashes Outside Sports Stadium

A helicopter took off inside Leicester City’s King Power Stadium in England only to crash seconds later outside the stadium, killing all on board.

Former RAF pilot and aviation expert Jim Rowlands explained the crash to The Sun:

There definitely appears to be a problem with the tail rotor, which is every pilot’s worst nightmare. There’s no real coming back from that.

A senior air crash investigator told Sky News that the accident began with a major tail rotor failure. 

The UK Air Accidents Investigations Unit said it recovered the data recorder from inside the helicopter:

We recovered the digital flight data recorder (voice and data) on Sunday afternoon. Our inspectors in Farnborough will start working on the recorder, which was subject to intense heat as a result of the post-accident fire.

(Sources: The Sun, Sky News Breaking/Twitter, Gov.uk)

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