Heat Wave Sends Thousands of Unmasked People To San Francisco Beaches: ‘Corona is a Lie’

A heat wave sent thousands of people, most not wearing masks, to Ocean Beach and Baker Beach in San Francisco, California, on Aug. 15.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed and the San Francisco Fire Department warned beachgoers who casually blew off safety advice.

Lindsay Ivory, who was hanging out at Ocean Beach, denied the coronavirus was real, but then claimed he had a mask packed to KPIX:

I’m at the beach, corona is a lie. It’s nice to get out and enjoy nature, but there’s a lot of people here so I made sure I had my mask in my bag and I’m prepared.

Beachgoer Angela Gonzales said he was social distancing, sort of:

It’s crazy crowded, like I’ve never seen it like this before. We tried to stay apart as much as we could so, definitely worth it though, we can’t pass up good weather around here.

Brian Castro, who lives near Ocean Beach, voiced his concerns:

I have mixed feelings. I think in a general sense I think it’s okay to come to the beach, but I do feel like there are clusters that do get really crowded. Some people aren’t wearing masks and there’s choke points where people have to come in and out.

(Source: KPIX)

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