Gym-Goers Turn To ‘Shock Therapy’ Workout

The Shock Therapy gym offers a twice-a-week 30-minute workout that helps people lose weight by shocking them during exercise workouts.

Gym-goers wear an electrode-studded bodysuit that uses Electronic Muscle-Stimulation Technology (EMS), notes WCBS.

Before a workout, the bodysuit is dampened to conduct electricity.

Mini-power packs on the bodysuit transmit tiny pulses of electricity that cause muscles all over the body to involuntarily contract.

While people are getting shocked they engage in strength-training and aerobics.

Shock Therapy’s founder Esra Çavuşoğlu told WCBS that the $50 session only lasts 30 minutes, but gets the job done:

That’s why we only suggest twice a week, so it will be equal to six days working out and take a day off to enjoy your family.

(Source: WCBS)

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