Gun-Toting St. Louis Man Investigated For Racist Threat To Black Teen Over Facebook

A St. Louis mom, Karel Watson, reported a gun-toting, racist man who threatened her son, Duane Watson, in a Facebook video: “You know you’re a n*gger.”

Karel told KMOV that her son and the unidentified man used to be friends:

To make a threat of a person’s life using it, there’s a price to pay for that and you’re going to jail and I’m not gonna let this go...

I’m pressing charge. There is nothing you can do to talk me out of it, to stop it, no. He has to learn.

Duane said that the ex-friend carjacked him and had been serving time behind bars, which the ex-freind seemed to confirm in the video by saying he “did a little time in county, but I’m back out bro.”

(Source: KMOV)

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