Gun Owner/Duck Dynasty Star Phil Robertson: Stop Focusing On Guns, Bible Will Stop Worldwide Murder

“Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson advised people on Feb. 28 to stop focusing on guns to prevent murders (by guns), and focus on the Bible instead.

In a Facebook video, Robertson showed off his gun and then insisted the Bible could stop murder worldwide:

So I have here an earthly weapon. It’s a firearm. I would never want to use that against another man.

This is also a weapon. It’s called a sword — the sword of the spirit.

You want to stop murder worldwide? You’re focusing on the wrong weapon. This, this will stop human beings from murdering one another.

The Friendly Atheist countered:

We know the Bible has been used to justify violence throughout history — and we know that the Bible itself has no shortage of stories of people killing other people with the weapons of their time — but when it comes down to it, the Bible is a book. Its purpose is to be read. The only way it’s going to stop a murderer is if you throw it hard enough.

At the risk of being painfully obvious, a firearm has one purpose, and that’s to kill. If our secular laws don’t stop a murder, a Commandment’s not going to do it either. To compare these two objects, especially when “sword” is clearly metaphorical, is just insulting to everyone who’s been murdered by guns.

With logic like this, no wonder gun violence continues to be a problem in this country.

(Sources: In the Woods with Phil/Facebook, Friendly Atheist)

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