Grocery Store Employee Suspended After Following Indigenous Customer

A Giant Tiger grocery store employee was suspended after he was filmed following at an Indigenous customer around a store in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, on Nov. 24.

Ezekial Bigknife told CBC News that the same employee has followed him around the store since October:

Quite frankly, I feel harassed. Me, I think that’s personally racial profiling because I’m brown. There were plenty of other people in that store and he, every day, singles out me, to follow me and I don’t know why.

Bigknife has never been accused of stealing, but the employee continued to follow him:

I just wanted to show people that this is what I’ve been going through for the several weeks, me and my wife, and I just got sick of it.

In response, Alison Scarlett, a company spokesperson, said: 

What occurred in the video in question is a direct contradiction of our brand values, as well as our policies and quite frankly, never should have occurred. We do not condone following any customers through our store.

Bigknife is not satisfied because he has already complained to the store about the employee, but said they have not stopped the store stalking:

I would like to see them handle situations like that more professionally and not treat their customers like that, that are just trying to come and spend their hard-earned money and buy stuff for their kids.

Scarlett said Giant Tiger will also investigate how the prior complaints were handled by the store.

(Sources: CBC NewsEzekial Bigknife via Maxine Stephanie Goforth/Facebook)

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