Grocery Shoppers Fight Over Discounted Nutella

There have been fights and brawls in French grocery stores over Nutella, a popular hazelnut chocolate spread.

BBC News notes that the police had to be called after the Nutella was discounted by 70 percent from $5.85 to $1.75.

One customer told French news media:

They are like animals. A woman had her hair pulled, an elderly lady took a box on her head, another had a bloody hand.

An store employee told the regional newspaper Le Progrès:

We were trying to get in between the customers but they were pushing us.

Ferrero, the company that owns Nutella, blamed the Intermarche supermarket chain for the chaos, notes The Associated Press:

We want to clarify that the decision for the special offer was taken unilaterally by Intermarche. We regret the consequences of this operation, which created confusion and disappointment in the consumers’ minds.

(Sources: BBC News, Guardian News/YouTube, The Associated Press)

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