Grocery Clerk Fired, Accused Of Profiling Native Americans

An employee at a Fresh Market grocery store in Missoula, Montana, was reportedly fired after a video filmed by Shawn Madman on Aug. 5 went viral.

Madman and his girlfriend, Tenisha Oldman, noticed the clerk staring at them in the store; Madman walked over and confronted the clerk, notes the Missoulian.

“Excuse me, sir,” Madman asked. “Hey, every time when a Native American comes in here, why do you follow them around? Why do you follow us around?”

The employee answered sarcastically, “Oh my gosh, ‘Why’s it always Native Americans? Oh, why do you got to profile us?’ Every Native American that comes in here says that. You’re just like the rest of them.”

“Oh really? Like the rest of them, huh?” Madman replied.

“Everyone says that,” the employee insisted.

“That’s because you do, you do profile us,” Madman countered.

The employee suggested that he had previously caught Oldman shoplifting, but a store manager told Madman there was no record of shoplifting claims made against Oldman.

(Source: Missoulian)

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