GOP Rep. Ron DeSantis Admits 4 Years After Ebola Outbreak That Obama Was Right

Republican Rep. Ron DeSantis of Florida admitted on May 5 that he was wrong about President Obama’s reaction to the Ebola outbreak in 2014.

DeSantis made his starling four-years-after-the-fact admission during a Florida Family Policy Council dinner (which catered to right wing Christian conservative voters), notes the Palm Beach Post:

Actually, I think the one time that I was wrong in the Congress was when we had the breakout of Ebola and I thought we’ve just got to shut everything down, we can’t take any risks.

Obama didn’t do that and I criticized him a lot for doing that. A lot of my Republican colleagues criticized him for doing that but, you know, I look back at it – it was handled well.

I was just wrong about that. I think that the way the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and some of the folks in government handled it was actually an example of government getting the job done.

So I’m totally willing to just be honest and admit if I call it wrong. Just admit that you were wrong and people appreciate that. Because we’re going to make mistakes in this line of work, that’s just the bottom line.

DeSantis, who is running for governor in the Sunshine State, has long opposed health care for Americans by voting to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

More recently, DeSantis tried to shut down Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s lawful investigation of the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia, which has resulted in 14 criminal indictments so far.

(Source: Palm Beach Post), Photo Credit: Ron DeSantis/Twitter)

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