GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz Tries To Smear Robert Mueller, Fails Miserably

Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz tried and failed to smear Special Counsel Robert Mueller over FBI agent Peter Strzok, whom Mueller fired from his investigation back in July because Strzok wrote private text messages how he didn’t like Trump.

Gaetz also complained to CNN host Chris Cuomo that people on Mueller’s team had legally made donations to Clinton and Obama campaigns.

Cuomo then schooled Gaetz on Mueller’s background:

Bob Mueller interviews with the president considering a position in the administration. He has been a Republican longer than you have even considered being a Republican. He’s a decorated war veteran who ran the FBI and who everybody in your party said is an excellent choice for the investigation. What has changed other than your disenchantment with this probe?

Gaetz said that a special counsel should be appointed to investigate Mueller for prosecutorial misconduct, even though Gaetz had no proof of his claim.

Gaetz also falsely claimed that Hillary Clinton had committed crimes even though she was cleared by the FBI in 2016:

You made the point that Mueller was interviewed for his old job back, the FBI director position, and I think that’s key fact. On the 16th of May the president interviews Mueller and tells him he will not be the next director of the FBI.

Cuomo asked Gaetz how he knew what was said in that private conversation between Trump and Mueller, and Gaetz speculated more:

Well, look, I mean, you have got a situation where [Deputy Attorney General Rod] Rosenstein walks Mueller out and within 24 hours Rosenstein appoints him to be the head of the probe. If he was being considered for the job back, the job he wanted, he would have gotten it.

Cuomo then debunked Gaetz again:

Hold on a second, don’t overpower me with your, you know, your wisdom of loquacious attacks. If Trump didn’t like Mueller, okay. You are saying you had this meeting, you are not getting the job and you don’t make the grade, and then right after it the guy that he appoints to head up what is happening in the DOJ picks him? The same guy he leaned on for this memo about why Comey had to go? That same guy just stabs him in the back?

Gaetz demanded that Mueller be fired or end his investigation, which has not even lasted a year; the Watergate investigation into President Richard Nixon lasted two years.

(Source: CNN via YouTube)

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