GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz Showed Nude Pics of Women He Claimed He Slept With to Republicans in Congress: Report

CNN reports that Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) — who is the subject of a Department of Justice sex trafficking investigation — has show nude pictures of women whom he claimed to sleep with to Republican members of Congress:

When Matt Gaetz was a new member of Congress, he earned a reputation quickly of being a close ally of former President Trump’s. He liked to be in the limelight of the media. He also, according to multiple sources CNN spoke with, behind the scenes likes to show his colleagues photos and brag about sexual exploits he had with women.

Three sources told CNN this was something that Gaetz did, and two of these individuals had seen these images firsthand. One of these individuals said they saw this image, Matt Gaetz shared this image with them, a nude photograph on the House floor. One said they had seen an image Gaetz shared with them just off the House floor, but still at the U.S. Capitol. CNN reached out to Gaetz for comment. We have not heard any response from either Gaetz nor his office. Obviously this is a significant development given what is going on with the DOJ investigation.

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