GOP Rep. Dave Brat Says Republicans ‘Lie All the Time’ In Leaked Audio

Republican Rep. Dave Brat of Virginia was recent;y recorded by a voter admitting that Republicans “lie all the time,” notes Blue Virginia:

The problem is we’ve lied. Both of our leaders…Paul Ryan’s a nice guy, but he said he was going to repeal Obamacare. That’s a lie. It was not a repeal at all.

And so, we lie all the time. Everybody wants to go back to like the 50s when people were sane. But I don’t think so. It’s a war right now.

Abigail Spanberger, a Democrat who is running against Brat, gave her take on the leaked audio to ThinkProgress:

It’s unacceptable. We as voters and we as Americans and we as Virginians shouldn’t accept the notion that our politicians should just lie. I’m running for many reasons.

Rejecting a politics where that is considered to be normal and acceptable is chief among the reasons. I would also argue that that’s probably one of the first truthful statements he has made in the course of this race.

White nationalist and former Trump advisor Steve Bannon campaigned for Brat in Culpeper, Virginia, and warned voters on Nov. 3, notes the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

This is a referendum on President Trump. I’m very nervous right now. I will guarantee you, if we lose this district we’re going to lose the House of Representatives,

There’s no doubt. This is an absolute bellwether of the entire country. Plus if you lose this and you lose it early, it’s going to be used as a club beating on people all night.

Remember, there’s still five hours of voting in Arizona, Nevada, Washington state, California. We have so many, so many seats in play.

(Sources: Blue Virginia, ThinkProgress, Richmond Times-Dispatch, Photo Credit: Dave Brat VA 7th/Twitter)

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