GOP Rep. Charlie Dent Wants Hearings On Stormy Daniels Payoff: ‘We’d Be Waving A Bloody Shirt’ If Democratic President Did This

Republican Rep. Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania said there should be congressional hearings on the Stormy Daniels payoff scandal involving President Donald Trump and Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen.

Dent told CNN that Republicans would not allow a Democratic president to pay off a porn star for silence:

If a Democratic president had paid off a porn star to keep quiet while he was president, I suspect we’d have oversight hearings, and I suspect there probably should be some oversight hearings to get to the bottom of that. If a Democratic president had done this, we’d be waving a bloody shirt right now.

Dent also mocked Trump for claiming that he had no knowledge of Cohen making the payment:

I don’t think there was anybody on the planet who thought that Michael Cohen, out of the goodness of his heart, wrote a $130,000 check to Stormy Daniels without seeking reimbursement. I mean, come on! We’re not fools here.

(Source: CNN Politics/Twitter)

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