GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger Tells Trump to ‘Stop’ Spreading Murder Conspiracy Theory About MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) told President Donald Trump on May 24 to stop spreading a debunked conspiracy theory about MSNBC anchor Joe Scarborough murdering his former intern Lori Klausutis who died in 2001 (VIDEO BELOW).

Klausutis was found dead in Scarborough’s Florida congressional district office. At the time, a medical examiner said she fell because of an undiagnosed heart condition and struck her head in the fall.

The Greenwich Times reports Klausutis’ family fears replying to Trump:

No one in Klausutis’ family would talk about Trump’s tweets for this article, fearing retaliation by online trolls of the type who went after parents of the Sandy Hook massacre victims. Their grief has been disrupted by conspiracy theories before – not only over the past few years from the White House, but from some liberals who at the time of her death sought to portray then-conservative Republican congressman Scarborough as a potential villain.

Scarborough’s wife and co-host, Mika Brzezinski, said on May 20 she was going to speak to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey about getting Trump banned from Twitter because of Trump’s tweets about Scarborough.

Brzezinski slammed Trump during the “Morning Joe” Broadcast on May 25:

This guy can’t go five minutes without defaming someone, libeling them, saying disgusting, cruel things. If we’re going to spend as much time on President Trump’s disgusting comments as we do on Joe Biden’s, we’re going to be on the air for a long time — we’ll never get off the air, it is endless.

Scarborough added his disgust at Trump:

I’ve had calls from the press, ‘what should Biden do?’ I’m, like, are you kidding me? Since that time, that off-handed remark, Donald Trump has called a black woman, who has dedicated her life to public policy, mocked her for being obese, mocked the appearance of the speaker of the House, the highest-ranked woman in history, called a former secretary of state, former first lady, and the last nominee for the Democratic party a, quote, “skank.”

(Sources: Adam Kinzinger/Twitter, Greenwich Times, MSNBC via YouTube, Photo Credit:

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