Golf Course Calls Police On Black Women After White Men Complain Women Play Too Slow

A group of white male golfers called the police on five black women for allegedly playing too slowly at the Grandview Golf Club in Dover Township, Pennsylvania, on April 21.

One of the women, Sandra Thompson, filmed their confrontation with the men and posted the video on YouTube.

Former York County Commissioner Steve Chronister told the women that they were not keeping the pace of play, notes the York Daily Record.

The women were later that they took too long of a break between between the first and second halves of the course.

The women were told to leave, given back their membership and the cops were called.

However, the police refused to arrest the women.


One of the female golfers, Karen Crosby, recalled speaking to Chronister:

I was approached by Steve Chronister, and he said, ‘I’m one of the owners and you need to keep up the pace of play. To me, that was a gross misrepresentation of who he was.

Another female player, Myneca Ojo, added:”He was extremely hostile.”

The women said Steve Chronister complained again, but Thompson said they had kept the group in front of them within their sights at all times:

He said, “You’re going too slow, I’ll give you a refund,” as if he didn’t want us as members. I said, “Do you realize we’re the only black women on this course, and you’re only coming up to us? We paid, we want to play.” He walked off in a huff.

Thompson is the vice chair of the Democratic Party of York County and a full-time attorney.

The club’s co-owner, JJ Chronister, who was not present during the incident, claimed in a press release that the incident “does not reflect our organization’s values or our commitment to delivering a welcoming environment for everyone. We are disappointed that this situation occurred and regret that our members were made to feel uncomfortable in any way.”

(Sources: York Daily RecordSandra Thompson/YouTube)

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