GM Ends Health Insurance For Striking UAW Workers

General Motors has stopping paying health insurance on Sept. 18 for more than 49,000 union auto workers who went on strike on Sept. 16, reports ABC News.

Mary Kay Henry, the president of the Service Employees International Union, called General Motors’ actions “heartless and unconscionable”:

GM’s decision to yank healthcare coverage away from their dedicated employees, in the dead of night, with no warning, is heartless and unconscionable.

GM’s actions could put people’s lives at risk, from the factory worker who needs treatment for their asthma to the child who relies on their parents’ insurance for chemotherapy.

Thankfully these men and women have their union, which is making sure working people and their families can continue to get care.

General Motors tried to blame their denial of healthcare on “strikes [that] can be difficult and disruptive to families.”

General Motors said the union was using COBRA health insurance now, but failed to mention how expensive COBRA is:

While on strike, some benefits shift to being funded by the union’s strike fund, and in this case hourly employees are eligible for union-paid COBRA so their health care benefits can continue.

(Sources: WXYZ/YouTube, ABC News)

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