Girls Wearing Spa Facial Masks Are Accused Of Racist Photo

Two female students wearing facial spa masks are accused of taking a racist photo of themselves and posting it in Snapchat in Charleston, South Carolina.

The picture included the caption “Happy MLK Weekend.” 

Rick Wilson, a senior at James Island Charter High School, said it was the caption with the picture that was offensive, so he shared it on Facebook with his own caption:  “It’s crazy how racism still goes around in 2018, share and make this go viral.”

“At first when I saw it, I was like it’s just a face mask,” Wilson told WCSC. “I clicked it and I looked and I saw ‘Happy Martin Luther King Weekend,’ and I was like well that has to have a hidden meaning behind it.”

The girls issued an apology on their school’s news show. One girl said they were just having a spa night, while the second girl said she made a dumb decision.

The mother of one of the girls has filed a police report against Wilson for cyberbullying her daughter by re-posting the picture on Facebook where it went viral.

Wilson said he wants school officials involved in this non-school issue and for the students to be held accountable:

What if they switched the roles? What if it was an African American boy that this happened to and they were in my position? They would be terminated. They would be expelled. They know that’s how it would all happen.

In response, the James Island Charter High School Administration said that it is getting involved in this non-school issue:

James Island Charter High School is aware that a student posted a picture on Snapchat that intentionally or not offended many people. The school has addressed the students involved. It is now a student discipline issue. Parents, we strongly encourage you to monitor and coach your children on how to use social media responsibly.

As a school, we have students from many diverse backgrounds which we believe is a strength of our school. The aforementioned image posted on Snapchat does not reflect the values and beliefs of this school community. We will continue to foster an environment that celebrates the acceptance of people from all backgrounds.


(Photo Credit: WCSC)

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