Giant Rattlesnake Found Under Arizona Couple’s Bed, Snake Was Pregnant

Mitchell Hawkins, a rattlesnake catcher with, Rattlesnake Solutions posted a photo on Facebook of a large pregnant rattlesnake that had to be removed from under a couple’s bed in Phoenix, Arizona, on Aug. 31:

Most of the time that we respond to a “rattlesnake in the house!” call, it ends up being a Nightsnake. Not this time … Mitch responded to his home and a big Western Diamondback Rattlesnake was found just like this.

Hawkins also recalled the incident to McClatchy News:

I left my snake tongs in the car, since snakes like these I generally just grab them with my hands and put them in the bucket. I opened the bedroom door and looked down to see a giant western diamondback rattlesnake — that was also pregnant — sitting under the bed.

Hawkins said he “gently” removed the “nearly five foot” snake with his snake tongs:

Snakes are not aggressive. They are defensive when they feel threatened and rightfully so. The world is a scary place when you are 2 inches off the ground and everything wants to eat you.

(Sources: Rattlesnake Solutions/Facebook, McClatchy News via The Tribune)

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