Georgia Voters — Who Trump and Tucker Carlson Claimed Were Dead — Are Alive

President Donald Trump and Fox News host Tucker Carlson have claimed that several votes in Georgia were cast by dead people, which is false, notes CNN and WXIA.

WXIA interviewed Mrs. James Blalock after there were false allegations that her dead husband had voted when, in fact, she was the one who voted.

Another one of the “dead voters,” Deborah Jean Christiansen, told CNN that the false accusation is “just ridiculous,” and part of an effort by a “narcissist” president to deny the reality of his defeat:

The guy lost the election. He should be worried more about taking care of people, with this Covid-19 going on. He’s got a pandemic. Come on. Biden won. Let’s move on. Let’s help him transition.

(Sources: CNN, Trump War Room/Twitter, WXIA/YouTube)

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