Georgia Tech Police Shoot, Kill Student Holding Multipurpose Tool

Georgia Tech campus police shot and killed Scout Schultz, a fourth-year engineering student, on Sept. 16 in Atlanta.

According to police, Schultz, who was president of Georgia Tech’s Pride Alliance, was armed with a  knife.

The Schultz family’s lawyer, L. Chris Stewart, held a press conference on Sept. 18 and said that Schultz was “standing there disoriented, having a mental breakdown and was shot from 20 feet away.”

Stewart said that Schultz was actually holding a multipurpose tool, which contained pliers, a screwdriver and a “tiny, little knife.”

According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, someone called 911 and reported that Schultz was carrying a gun and a knife.

Police confronted  Schultz outside a campus parking garage.

After Schultz did not obey police commands and stepped forward, one officer opened fire on him.

Stewart said the “tiny, little knife” was never exposed during the incident.

“We don’t understand why Georgia Tech won’t admit that,” Stewart stated.

William Schultz, Scout’s father, appeared at the press conference and asked police: “Why did you have to shoot? That’s the question. That’s the only question that matters now.”

“(Schultz) wanted to make new medical devices, and now we’ll never know what Scout might have come up with,” his mother, Lynne, recalled.

Schultz’s parents said their son had gone to counseling in the past and suffered from depression.

The Schultz family is hoping a civil suit and an investigation into the shooting will give them answers. 

(Source: NBC News)

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