Georgia School Superintendent Suspended After Alleged Racist Tirade: N-Words, F-Bombs

Buford, Georgia school system superintendent Geye Hamby was suspended on Aug. 20 after audio recordings of him allegedly making racist comments were released.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Hamby is accused in a federal lawsuit of using racist slurs about African-American workers at a construction site:

F*ck that n*gger. I’ll kill these god**amn,  shoot that mother*cker if they let me.

The voice, allegedly of Hamby, repeatedly uses F-bombs and N-words, including “deadbeat n*ggers.”

The Buford school system released a statement:

The board anticipates further action on this matter at a specially called meeting in the next several days. The district will continue to focus on the mission of empowering our students to reach their full potential.

Hamby said in an email to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “This is a personnel and legal matter pertaining to a disgruntled employee.”

(Source: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

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