Georgia Republican Brian Kemp’s Gun Ad Is Called ‘Disturbing’ & ‘Disgusting’

Republican Brian Kemp’s new gun ad for his gubernatorial campaign shows him cleaning a shotgun near a young man wanting to date one of his daughters.

Kemp makes the young man state his campaign talking points, which include getting rid of unidentified regulations and supporting gun rights.

Kemp appears to point his gun towards the young man at the end of the commercial, which has drawn fire from voters, notes Atlanta TV citation WXIA:

Brian Kemp Governor commercial is very disturbing.

Stop airing the Brian Kemp for Governor ad. It is disgusting that he is holding a shotgun.

Throughout the ad, he is pointing the gun at the young man. Made me and my family very uncomfortable.

I am a conservative who believes in the 2nd amendment but this commercial makes me want to vote for the other side.

Please stop airing this disturbing commercial.

Just saw Brian Kemp’s newest campaign ad three times in a row. STOP SHOWING IT!

We are gun owners and we are outraged.

Holy cow, are we in the Wild West and propagating a gun culture?

Kemp’s opponent former Army Ranger Hunter Hill has released a video where he claims that Jesus was with him during three combat tours (video below). Hunter also promised to protect “our Christian values”:

(Sources: Kemp for Governor/YouTube, Hunter Hill/TwitterWXIA)

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