Georgia Public Health Department Falsely Claimed Coronavirus Cases Were Dropping When Gov. Brian Kemp Reopened Businesses

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that a bar chart posted by the Georgia Department of Public Health website claimed there was a downward trend in COVID-19 for two weeks was not true.

The chart came out about the same time that Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp decided to reopen the state businesses.

However, the bar chart was arranged with out-of-order dates — May 2 came before April 26 to show a flattening curve that defied all scientific logic.

The Wall Street Journal praised “The Georgia Model” as evidence that aggressive lockdowns were needlessly harming the economy.

Candice Broce, a spokeswoman for the governor, tweeted an apology.

Microbiology and molecular genetics PhD and state Rep. Jasmine Clark told the Atlantic Journal Constitution that the chart was likely not an accident:

I have a hard time understanding how this happens without it being deliberate. Literally nowhere ever in any type of statistics would that be acceptable.

(Sources: Atlanta Journal Constitution, Candice Broce/Twitter, The Wall Street Journal)

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