Georgia Police Use Taser On Grandmother, 87, Injure Her Breast

An 87-year-old grandmother, Martha Al-Bishara, was tased by police in Chatsworth, Georgia on Aug. 10.

Family members, who viewed the police body cam footage, told the Daily Citizen-News that Al-Bishara was tased in==on her left breast and stomach.

The Daily Citizen-News notes the video shows Chatsworth Police Chief Josh Etheridge with a pistol aimed at the grandmother, while Officer Steven Marshall aims a Taser.

Etheridge said he will not release the body cam video because criminal charges against Al-Bishara are pending, even though the video could be used in her defense and against Etheridge.

Martha Douhne told WTVC that her grandmother — who does not speak English — was cutting dandelions with a kitchen knife across the street from her home.

Douhne said that Al-Bishara was unaware the property belonged to the Boys and Girls Club.

Etheridge said that a 911 call about a woman  with “a knife at the Boys and Girls Club” was enough to force an immediate response.

The area where Etheridge and Marshall confronted the elderly woman had no signs indicating the property was owned by the Boys and Girls Club.

Etheridge and Marshall  approached Al-Bishara, and commanded that she drop the kitchen knife.

When she did not drop it, Marshall used his Taser on the senior citizen.

Marshall and Etheridge placed Al-Bishara in handcuffs, and charged her with obstruction of an officer and criminal trespassing.

Douhne said her grandmother did not present a threat, and the police did not call EMTs.

Al-Bishara spent the weekend in the hospital being treated for injuries and back pain.

(Sources: WTVC, Daily Citizen-News)

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