Georgia Police Stop Woman For Her ‘Attitude,’ Police Chief Threatens Her With Arrest When She Files Complaint

Cindy Bodaford Lee was pulled over by police in Brooklet, Georgia, for her “attitude,” which is not a criminal offense, on Jan. 30.

Leefilmed her encounter with the police and posted the videos on her Facebook page.

Lee told AllOnGeorgia that the incident began when an off-duty Brooklet Police Officer, Charles Dutton, accused her of driving some children without proper child seats and boosters. 

Lee said she agreed that the children should be restrained, but added that it was not her car.

According to Lee, one of the children giggled and Dutton cursed: “You think this sh*t is f*ing funny?”

When Lee continued on her way with the children buckled up, she was pulled over by the on-duty officer and an off-duty cop; that’s when the video begins.

Lee traveled to the Brooklet Police Department on Jan. 31 to speak with the Police Chief Doug Meyer, who exploded in fury because she posted the incident on Facebook.

Meyer repeatedly threatened Lee with a charge of criminal trespass and jail: “Step outside right now! I’m telling you to leave the building now, you’re making a disturbance!”

Meyer also threatened to use his authority against Lee: “In the future, we will not have any mercy or toleration for y’alls constant breaking of the law and blaming it on the police department. Leave the building.”

Lee contacted Councilman William Griffith, who supervises the police department. Amazingly, Griffith told Lee to go back to city hall — where Meyer threatened her with arrest for criminal trespass — to complete the complaint form.

Eventually, Griffith agreed to take the form to a local conveinence store where Lee could pick it up.

(Sources: AllOnGeorgiaCindy Bodaford Lee/Facebook, Cindy Bodaford Lee/Facebook)

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