Georgia Police Kill 5 Small Pet Pigs, Cops Claim They Were ‘Wild Hogs’

A Peach County deputy shot and killed a woman’s five pet pigs in Byron, Georgia.

Cheyenne Fagre told WMAZ a neighbor called the sheriff’s office after her five small pigs got loose.

Fagre said the pigs were loose for less than an hour and the neighbor only wanted them rounded up, not killed:

It was around 8 a.m., we instantly ran out there and started searching in the woods and everywhere around their cage. It was about an hour we were looking back there and then we started driving the neighborhood and asking people outside and no one had seen them.

The police report claims the neighbor said there were “wild hogs” in her front lawn:

We believed the other hogs would leave once the first one was shot, but they did not. All they did was get agitated and run around in the same area. All animals were shot and removed from the property.

Fagre said she’s received a lot of support from people on social media:

Everyone’s just as heartbroken as I am and wondering why, we just don’t know why, especially all of them, two of them being literally just 8 pounds.

Peach County Sheriff Terry Deese said they are investigating the killings and plans to do staff training on responding to livestock calls.

(Source: WMAZ)

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