Georgia Police Cleared After Killing Fleeing Black Man Over Marijuana

A grand jury in Thomas County, Georgia, ruled that the police shooting death of a black man, Herbert Gilbert Jr., on Aug. 15, 2017 was justified.

Gilbert was killed by Thomas County Drug Agent Josh Smith in Thomasville, reports WCTV. 

Police did not find any weapons on Gilbert, but did discover an undisclosed amount of marijuana and $883 in cash.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation said that Thomas County Drug Agents were attempting to serve a search warrant when Gilbert tried to flee the scene in his car.

Gilbert’s car collided with a law enforcement vehicle, which appeared to push Gilbert’s car around the neighborhood. Authorities claim that Gilbert was trying to run down officers on the scene.

The police shooting caused protests by Gilbert’s family,  local residents and Black Lives Matter, reported WCTV in August 2017.

Gilbert’s family can still file a civil lawsuit in the case, and federal authorities could file a civil rights violation.

(Source: WCTV, WCTV)

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