Georgia Police Arrest 70 Partygoers For Less Than Ounce Of Marijuana

Seventy partygoers were arrested in Cartersville, Georgia, for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana during a party on Dec. 31, 2017.

One of the parents of the young people, Monesha Fezzia, told WAGA:

We just want our babies; they aren’t telling us anything. If that’s the case charge them, let them make their bond, have our kids and we will have our day in court. This process is being dragged out for too long.

Police said they responded to a shots fired call, but once they arrived at the party they turned it into a multiple arrest for the pot.

The Cartersville Daily Tribune reports: “The people arrested were mostly between the ages of 19-25 and the majority of them were male, several of whom were prominent high school athletes in Bartow County.”

Tyisha Fernandes of WSB-TV tweeted on Jan. 2, 2018:

(Sources: WAGA, Tyisha Fernandes/Twitter, The Cartersville Daily Tribune)

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