Georgia Man Used Racial Slur and Pulled Gun on Black Family in Parking Lot: Report

A white man reportedly threatened a black family because their teen brushed against his car in a grocery store parking lot in Kingsland, Georgia on June 5.

Police identified the man as Thomas Langdale, and charged him with aggravated assault. Police said security cameras showed Langdale pointing his gun towards the black teen’s dad, Eric Dawson.

Dawson recalled the incident to WJAX:

He yelled out, “I’ve been watching him in my rearview mirror, he doesn’t need to brush up against my car. He’s not worth enough to brush up against my car, don’t ever come up beside my car again.”

He pointed it directly at me in my face. All I could see was the barrel of that gun. Then he said, “I’ll shoot you. I’ll kill you.”

Pastor Mack Knight, who filmed part of the incident, rushed to the store to help Dawson.

(Source: WJAX)

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