Georgia GOP Candidate Brian Kemp Blocked From Voting By His Own Voter ID Law

Georgia Secretary of State and GOP gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp had problems voting because his “voting card was invalid,” reports WSB-TV (more video below).

Kemp was eventually able to cast his ballot in Winterville, Georgia.

U.S. District Judge Eleanor Ross struck down Georgia’s “exact match” voter ID law on Nov. 2 because the law flagged “voter registrations that have discrepancies with other official identification documents used by the state,” reported NPR.

Ross said the law, which Kemp strongly supported, was a “severe burden” on voters.

Kemp has been accused of suppressing tens of thousands of minority votes while running against a black female candidate, Stacey Abrams, reports Mother Jones.

Two precincts in black districts could not turn on voting machines because they were not provided power cords (video below).

(Sources: WSB-TV, NPR, Mother Jones, Ayman Mohyeldin/Twitter)

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