Georgia Deputy Loses Job After He And Girlfriend Curse At Neighbor: Report

Bartow County Sheriff’s Deputy Brison Strickland was reportedly fired after he and his fiancée Kristen Smith were arrested in Cartersville, Georgia following a confrontation with neighbor Haley Truncer at their apartment complex on Aug. 11.

Truncer posted a video of the incident — on her Facebook page — in which she asks the couple around midnight: “Would you guys mind keeping it down?”

Truncer told WAGA why she spoke to the couple: “There was music and stomping and a microphone, like there was some karaoke going on.”

Bartow County Sheriff Clark Millsap said: “During the exchange, Strickland and Smith were verbally abusive and made several claims to be police officers and used explicit language in threatening manners.”

(Source: WAGA)

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