Georgia Cop Tells Man Trying To Get His Child Back To ‘Suck My D*ck’

Officer Travis Wick was caught on police body cam video telling a man involved in a child custody dispute to “suck my d*ck” in Griffin, Georgia, on Aug 26.

Wick reportedly resigned after begging Police Chief Mike Yates not to fire him.

WXIA requested “any and all” video of the incident under the Georgia Open Records Act, but the City of Griffin did not give the news station this police video, but rather a single body camera pointed at a porch ceiling.

However, the apparent cover-up failed as WXIA found evidence of the second video’s existence in an internal police department email, and the city was forced to release the footage.

Wick was one of two officers responding to a call for help from Andrew Orahoske, who is in a custody fight for his daughter. The officers told Orahoske that they could not take the girl from her mother without a signed order by a judge.

When the cops asked Orahoske for his first name, he replied: “I’m not gonna give you none of my information now, because I don’t want to get in trouble tonight.”

That’s when Wick told Orahoske: “Well, you can suck my d*ck.”

A female friend sitting next to Orahoske said, “We’re trying to get a child back, and you told us to suck your d*ck!”

Wick told the female friend: “No, I didn’t ask you. I asked him.”

The official police report made no mention of Wick’s demand for oral sex, but instead said the citizens “seemed to become irritated that the police couldn’t help them, and became uncooperative at which point they requested a supervisor to the scene.”

During a Aug. 29 disciplinary meeting with Wick, Chief Yates implied the video had to be hidden from the public:

If you got involved in a use of deadly force, and then somebody got that video and played it, how do you think that would play out? If were sitting in federal court or before some grand jury or something like that?

(Source: WXIA)

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