Georgia Cop Shoots Homeless Black Man In Head After Finding Him Sleeping In Car

Nicholas Bolton, a homeless man, was shot by Coweta County Deputy John Collins after being found asleep inside a SUV in a parking lot in Gainesville, Georgia on June 30.

After Collins woke Bolton up, Bolton jumped from the back seat into the front seat of the SUV and drove off. Bolton refused to speak to the officers who accused him of loitering, notes WXIA.

Collins and other deputies gave chase, forced Bolton to stop with a pit maneuver. Collins shouted at Bolton to get out the car and opened fire, but did not give Bolton a chance to leave the vehicle.

Bolton was shot in the head, and then rushed to a hospital where he clung to life.

Now, Bolton’s family is considering legal action against the police.

Collins, who has been with the sheriff’s office for 16 months, has been placed on leave while the the Georgia Bureau of Investigation investigates the shooting.

(Source: WXIA)

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