Georgia Cop Body Slams Black Grandfather Who Asked Cop Why He Was Roughing Up Girl

A police officer body recently slammed a 66-year-old black grandfather onto the pavement in a Walmart parking lot in South Fulton, Georgia.

Alphonso Carey told WAGA that he questioned the police who were roughing up a 13-year-old girl for alleged petty theft.

The cop reportedly told Carey to “get out of my face,” but Carey told the officer that he could observe what was going on, which is legally true.

The officer told Carey that he would be arrested for interfering, Carey objected to that claim, and the cop threw the grandfather to the pavement.

South Fulton Chief Keith Meadows claimed the officer made repeated demands for Carey to leave the property, but not anyone else.

Meadows claimed the 66-year-old had his hands up, which Meadows claimed was a fighting stance, even though it is also a surrender stance.

Even though he has apparently decided his officer is in the clear, Meadows has launched an internal investigation into the incident.

(Source: WAGA)

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