Georgia Cop Arrests Hero Fireman After He Saves Woman’s Life

A 30-year veteran fire chief, Rick Rickerson, was arrested by a Georgia State Patrol trooper after saving a woman’s life in Meansville, Georgia, in October 2017.

Rickerson witnessed a green four-door sedan flip over on Pike County highway. Rebecca Buchanan was trapped inside the car, notes WXIA.

Rickerson and other Good Samaritans helped get Buchanan out the vehicle.

Buchanan was unresponsive until Rickerson provided emergency first aid.

A trooper arrived on the scene,  demanded that Rickerson to move his truck from the roadway, but Rickerson refused to leave Buchanan’s side.

Rickerson was handcuffed and placed in the back of a police cruiser, while Buchanan was loaded into a medical helicopter.

Rickerson was charged with obstruction, and booked into the Pike County Jail.

Buchanan survived, and praised Rickerson:

Even after he had saved my life, he didn’t go away. When I was in the rehab center, he came to see me. He’s always texting my phone just see if I’m OK. He’s a good guy.

He saved my life. I owe him everything… I tell you one reward he has, is my friendship forever.

(Source: WXIA)

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