George School Employee Accused Of Calling Student N-Word, Asking If She Wanted To Be Shot

Jasmine Hawkins claimed that a lunchroom monitor at Gwinnett County elementary school in Georgia told her daughter to look up the N-word and asked if she wanted to be shot.

Hawkins made the allegations on Facebook:

During lunch, a few of my daughter’s classmates made fun of a lunch aid, calling her “Big Momma”. Mind you, the lunch aid is an adult. These particular classmates made fun of her, yet she decided to grab my child from the lunch table and “teach her a lesson”, despite Disaya not having any part of this situation.

The lunch aid asked my daughter how would she like to be called a “n*gger”, and told her to look up the word in the dictionary. She went on to say if my daughter comes to another side of town, she would be shot. She then asked my daughter, and another group of kids, if they would like to be shot! 

Hawkins told WXIA that she wants the employee removed from the school:

I’m in hopes that it would end with her dismissal from working around peoples’ children if she can’t have proper judgment to know that that’s inappropriate.


Gwinnett County Public Schools spokesperson Sloan Roach claimed that Hawkins’ Facebook post was not accurate:

The school did conduct a thorough investigation into this matter and the findings do not support what the parent is saying.

Roach said the employee has been reassigned due to “the interaction” so that the employee does not have contact with the students.

(Source: WXIA, Jasmine Nikol Hawkins/Facebook )

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